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“John Vallely is one such person, a man who knows how to win in life...the right way. You’ll not only enjoy, but be entertained and empowered by his words and message. I am every time.”

Dan Guerrero

Dan Guerrero

UCLA Athletic Director

Who is John Vallely

Through athletics, family and business; John has achieved great success and trying times.

John Vallely

SpeechSpeech Overview

I would like to share my personal journey to the discovery of a very important and useful motivational toll, the Pyramid of Success developed by UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden. I have been using this concept for all my adult life. Learn about the application of the Pyramid of Success as it relates to the competition and being involved in relationships. This self evaluation process has been a tremendous guide through the highest highs and darkest lows of the human experience.

Learn how the Pyramid of Success can be a tremendous resource when:


"Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of
self satisfaction in knowing you did your best to
become the best that you are capable of becoming."

John Wooden

Pyramid of Success

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What People are Saying

“John was a perfect fit into the goals of our meeting as well as teaching us all to be better team members on our quest to being "One Ply Gem". His thoughts and ideas were professional, educational and inspirational. The thing i liked the most was that he stayed the entire meeting and joined us for every meeting.....as well as social events, getting to know as many of our leaders as possible. I know our team appreciated his thoughts, and i have heard many comments about how everyone was impressed that he hung around for the entire meeting.”

Gary Robinette

President & CEO
Ply Gem Industries, Inc.

“It is with great pleasure and respect that I write a testimonial for Mr. John Vallely. As a fellow Bruin I had the great opportunity to watch John play, and the honor of sneaking in a listen to Coach Wooden whenever I could. As Coach inspired me, and unbeknownst to him gave me a path to follow for my life, I never thought that in my post UCLA days I would ever hear a more eloquent, wise, and thoughtful intellect. I was wrong. John Vallely is a living breathing testimonial on actually living the ‘Pyramid of Success’. During times of incredible adversity and heartbreak, he and his family have emerged through it all with unbelievable courage and faith, and he gives all who he comes in contact with, that same magnificent gift of hope through purpose. Although his modesty would probably not permit him from believing this, John Vallely to me stands at the apex of The Pyramid of Success, because he truly encompasses the ideal of being the best that he is capable of becoming. Thank you for being a true inspiration. P.S. Thanks to your son Eric who epitomizes your personal success, and is a realization of God’s greatest gift to all of us who are blessed to be fathers.”

Gary Barragan

Director of Administration/HR

"I've had the pleasure of meeting many great UCLA student-athletes. I have found them to also be great people, many of whom display with abundance such qualities as competitive fire, sportsmanship, heart, inspiration, leadership, and social conscience. Some of them combine all such attributes and employ them in unique and substantive ways. Indeed, the ones that do are the truly special individuals who not only make you proud to watch them, but to know them. These are the superstars who use their athletic achievements as not only building blocks, but as stepping stones to life's grander assignments. John Vallely is one such person, a man who knows how to win in life...the right way. You'll not only enjoy, but be entertained and empowered by his words and message. I am every time".

Dan Guerrero

Director of Athletics

“The purpose of this letter is to recommend John Vallely as an excellent public speaker. As a former teammate, I have heard him on a number of occasions, including most recently at his induction into the UCLA Hall of Fame Induction ceremony in October of 2006. He has a good message and story to tell of his own life experiences that tie into his many accomplishments in life. He has experienced many highs athletically and in his personal life, many lows. During his speech at the Hall of Fame Induction one could hear a pin drop to the floor as he covered some of the difficult parts of his life’s journey.

When one has reached the pinnacle of accomplishments athletically in basketball and beach volleyball and seen the lows in life, it is a truly compelling story. He conveys this concisely and articulately in a straightforward manner without needless whining or complaining. It is indeed inspiring to hear".

Lynn Shackelford

“I was uplifted by the humble message and giant heart of an athlete who has walked the walk of cancer that stole the life of his precious young daughter, Erin; yet later spared his own.

I am grateful and forever changed as I journeyed in spirit with the dynamic John Vallely. The depth of his experience and good humor enlightens the struggles, doubt, loss, restored hope, triumphs, and convictions that he and we all may face as we each seek to make sense of life.

John made me cry, he made me laugh, and he touched my soul. Give yourself the warming gift of his message--it's awesome--it will renew you!”

Deedreea Rich, DDS

Newport Beach, California

“John's speech at his induction into the UCLA Hall of Fame was one of the most inspirational I have ever heard. It's obvious that John's passion for life and his belief in the "Pyramid of Success" has served him well from the glory days at UCLA to the unimaginable pain of losing a child to cancer. He tells his life story with heartfelt candor and wit, including examples of how the many facets of the "Pyramid" shape his daily life. I feel honored to have John as a friend, and thank him for one of the most entertaining evenings I have ever experienced.”

Dee DeVaney

Retired Airline Pilot

“John's story moves his listeners to both tears and laughter, and his ability to weave his life's message around John Wooden's Pyramid of Success is masterful. From the pinnacles of athletic success, to the depths of despair over the death of his beautiful 12 year old daughter, to his own two life-and-death struggles with lymphoma, his faith has been shaken, renewed, and then solidified. John's commitment to useing the Pyramid of Success to face and overcome life's adversites is truly inspirational.”

Bob Kendall, Self-employed Mathematics Tutor

Karen Kendall, School Administrator

“Never have I been so proud. You were on fire last night.That was the greatest moment in the history not only of UCLA Basketball but in the history of Western civilization. You have changed my life. You are an unbelievable humanitarian. I want to thank you for everything, John. You are up there with Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, and John Vallely. The list is endless. Oh my gosh! What a performance! Forget the jump shot, forget the rebounds, forget the defense, forget the leadership, what you did last night was the greatest thing that any man has ever done in this world as we know it. Intergalactic transmission is the next order of the day. Please, Lets get it going. I have never been so proud. I have been 6ft 11 since I was 19 yrs old; today I have broken the 7 ft. barrier. I have reached nirvana because of you. We are so happy for you. We could not have been more honored to have been in that room last night when the future of all worlds known and unknown were changed irreversibly for the better thanks to one John Vallely. Oh, what a speech!”

Bill Walton

Class of 1974

“When you were speaking at the UCLA Induction Dinner,I was taking notes.”

Rafer Johnson

Olympic Gold Medalist

“John Vallely captivated our audience and his genuine warmth and caring came through in all his words. John wove the concept of team building and relationships into everything he said and presented a talk that was interesting and motivational at the same time. Best of all, he did his homework about the group he was speaking to and included specific references about them in his talk. This personalized presentation was impressive. We have already asked him to return for two more events.”

Volunteer Endowment for Patient Support

MD Anderson

“As the speaker chairman for the Breakfast Club of Newport Beach, I can confidently say that John's presentation deeply touched everyone in our group on many levels. In telling his life's story, his ability to blend his humility, strength and humor was powerful. What our group especially appreciated was the way John wove the principles of the great John Wooden into his own life in a such an honest manner that any one could relate, even a die-hard Trojan like myself. He is truly a terrific communicator of John Wooden's principles and of his own hard won wisdom.”

Bob Bernatz, Ph.D.

President – InsightGlobal

“I am grateful that John Vallely participated as one of the Distinguished Speaker’s for the Volcom University. His willingness to speak to our employees and share how we may achieve competitive greatness through “The Pyramid of Success” was both humbling and a learning experience. I appreciated his intimate stories and personal life experiences, proving how successful this tool has been in his life. I truly believe that everyone who attended felt inspired and learned some tips on how they could individually reach competitive greatness at work and in their personal lives. What a terrific and moving message and I would recommend anyone who wants to be motivated to listen to John speak.”

Tara Bennett

Sr. Director of the People’s Department
Volcom, Inc.

“While John is best known for his basketball achievements, his true gift is his ability to inspire individuals to make the extra pass and give the extra effort in order to achieve competitive greatness at the office, at home and in personal life. John’s stories and message will inspire you and your team. John remains one of our favorite speakers in the Volcom Distinguished Speaker Series. Thank you John.”

S. Hoby Darling

Senior Vice President, Strategic Development
Volcom, Inc.

“Hi John, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you ever so much for your inspirational and motivational presentation to our group of retired judges and mediators. Not only did I find your presentation to be quite entertaining, but it was also truly meaningful. So many of the things you spoke about have an absolute impact on our business, but it also had an impact on my life. Your commitment to the principals of the Pyramid of Success and your knowledge and insight as to each and every building block is nothing short of remarkable. If only everyone I work with could live by the various elements involved, we not only would have a much more successful business, but, indeed, we would all be in a better place. Thank you for the presentation, not only for our neutrals, but also for our sales staff when you had previously spoken to that group. I wish you continued success in the future.”

Cary Sarnoff

Professional Mediation & Arbitration

“You were the highlight of our meeting today. As I listened to your incredible testimony and your sharing of faith, I thanked God for you. I have such great respect and admiration for you and the conviction placed upon your heart to share your story. You are touching and transforming lives. May God's blessings be upon you. In his grip, Pam Taylor (I was sitting across from you in the big comfy chair and wearing a white sweater). I hope you are doing well! I have the pyramid of success in my office and am reminded of your words of encouragement each and every day.”

Pam Taylor

Sarnoff Court Reporters
Major Interational Accounting and Tax Firm

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